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Mahaved Femalite Menstrual Regulator 24 Capsules

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  • Regulating menstrual cycles.

  • Restoring female reproductive organ wellness .

Mahaved Healthcare

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Mahaved Femalite Menstrual Regulator Capsules :

Femalite is a well known natural menstrual regulator, containing herbs that are highly efficient in curing all kinds of menstrual problems and amenorrhoea. It is capable of restoring pH of the vaginal secretions and therefore decreasing the chances of infections. This herbal product acts as a powerful non-hormonal herbal product, which is effective in toning up female generative organs and promoting regular menstruation.

The most common cause for abnormal and irregular uterine bleeding is hormonal imbalance. Amenorrhoea is occurs when a female misses 3-4 periods in a row. This health ailment can be of two types, primary amenorrhoea and secondary amenorrhoea.

Primary amenorrhoea normally occurs in teenage and secondary amenorrhoea occurs due to certain other physical problems. Such health problems are effectively cured by this natural product. According to ancient Ayurvedic belief, the three doshas namely vata, pitta and kapha are found to be responsible for painful menstruation. Females with regular constipation problems are exposed to a variety of menstrual complications.


  • Regulating menstrual cycles.
  • Restoring female reproductive organ wellness .
  • Helpful in dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea. Reduce the pain during menstrual cycles.
  • Helpful in salpingitis, cervicitis, cophoritis, endometritis, urethritis and cystitis.
  • Helps in leucorrhea or white discharge.
  • Helps in all kind of menstrual related problems.

Ingredients :

Composition : Each Capsules Contains : Sounth (Zingiber Officinale Roscoe) 45mg. Suhaga (Sodii Bidoras) 45mg. Aloeva (Aloe Barbadensis Mill) 105mg. Chandrika (Lepidium Sativum) 25mg. Kesar (Crocus Satibus/Saffron) 0.5mg. Ulta Kambal (Abroma Augusta) 79.5mg. Menfal (Randia Dunentorum Lam) 55mg. Gajar Beej (Daucs Carota Var. Sativa DC) 50mg. Kapaas (Gossypium Herbaceum Linn) 45mg.

Directions :

1 or 2 Capsules twice a day with milk or water

Authenticity :

  • Product Formulation Approved by Ayush Department.
  • Manufactured in a strict quality controlled environment by GMP certified.
  • Developed by a team of qualified & experienced Ayurvedic Physicians.
  • 100% Herbal & Ayurvedic (No Side Effects).

Storage Instructions :

Store in a cool & dry place

Disclaimer :

Results are uncertain and may vary from individual to individual. All Claims are based on customer feedbacks and testimonials.

Packing : 6 Capsules. Pack

Additional Info

Additional Info

Nutrition Facts No
Manufacturer Mahaved Healthcare


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